Friday, June 26, 2009

20 Things to do Before I'm 21.

1. Bake a pie from scratch
2. Learn how to whittle
3. Collect found objects
4. Gather a dandelion bouquet
5. Photo booth-it Amelie style
6. Hide things in library books
7. Work on my vintage Christmas ornament collection
8. Make out at a drive-in movie
9. Paint portraits of acquaintances
10. Write letters to my Grandmas
11. See old movies at the Ohio Theater with Meaghan
12. Make Tyler a superhero cape
13. Learn how to speak more Russian
14. Organize my closets
15. Send someone a postcard
16. Make paper cranes to hang in the kitchen
17. Find my glasses
18. Organize an art swap
19. Paint something orange
20. Learn the U.S. presidents in chronological order

1 comment:

Mark Addison Smith said...

Numbers 5, 10 and 19 are my favorites. Two of my apartment walls are orange, so I've got one of the three covered.