Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Patterns From Memory

I feel like this is something I ought to try: Graphic designer Kelly English makes silk-screened prints based on patterns that surrounded her as a child. They're beautiful! They make me think of the navy blue floral velvet carpet from my Great-Grandma's house. I would trace the flowers while playing under her dining room table. It's fascinating how textiles help define one's memory of a certain person, place, and time period.

"In an attempt to identify some historical moments of my own design development, I decided to do a project where I recreated some influential textile patterns from my childhood environment. Since these are all developed from memory, I have no doubt they're not very accurate. But it's been exciting to revisit some of these visual memories and notice how they've impacted my current sensibilities. This is a project I hope to continue and expand upon."

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