Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Grauman's Chinese Theater

What a beautiful day to walk around Hollywood and visit all of the touristy sights.  My favorite spot of the day was Grauman's where there's about 70 years worth of celebrity signatures and prints.  We had a wonderful time looking around and finding our favorite movie stars...and walking in their shoes!  The movie showing at the theater right now happens to be Season of the Witch. 

Tyler and me with John Wayne.  For our dads!

Margaret O'Brien!  She played the youngest sister Tootie Smith in my all time favorite movie Meet Me in St. Louis.  Her little hand and feet prints were so cute! 

Michael Keaton is one of Tyler's favorites, so he was pretty pumped to see this.  We thought it was cute how he managed to squeeze the year in there.  I was so excited to see Judy Garland's signature!  I have seen Meet Me in St. Louis more times than I can even count, and her character Esther Smith is so classically beautiful.  I was so so so excited!  Just ask Tyler.  Her high heels must have been pretty tiny, but we have exactly the same size hands!  What a treat.  

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