Sunday, January 23, 2011

To Berkeley & Back

On Wednesday we made the 6 hour drive from L.A. up to Berkeley with our friend Tyler Lancaster.  I regret not taking a picture of the Tylers in their accidentally matching gray tshirt, jeans, and aviators getup.  Both Tylers are animators and were beyond excited to be visiting Pixar in Emeryville, right next to Berkeley. 

We all stayed with my cousin, Aly, her husband Chris, and their beautiful baby Leo!  This was my first time meeting Leo and he smiled at me as soon as we were introduced.  I'm pretty sure I'm his great-cousin.    

Leo's favorite book is Brown Bear, Brown Bear.

We drove through the mountains, then spent hours driving up the flat stretch of the5. We passed a ginormous smelly cow farm (probably a million cows), wind farms, and lots of citrus groves.  One orchard had signs that read Oranges, Mandarins, Lemons too, Eat more Citrus, It's good for you!  

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