Sunday, March 13, 2011


My work was included in some lovely Etsy treasuries recently!  This spring like treasury contained chaos is by my friend Lindsey at LostandFawned.  She also featured my yellow collage on her absolutely adorable blog here!

This treasury Modern Colorful Triangles is so much fun.  Thanks for including my triangle collage AngelaDesign!

I've been making lots and lots of smaller collages lately and a good amount of jewelry in preparation for the CCAD spring art sale.  Come find me April 16th on the 2nd floor, I'll be at the table that's super colorful x1000!  


Lindsey Fowler / Ever So Splendid said...

I'm dying for one of your pieces Emily. I'm trying to wait until we start hanging art to find the perfect spot. But I'll be breaking down pretty soon I'm sure.

Emily Rickard said...

I can't wait to make something for you Lindsey!!!

Rachel Dangerfield said...

I'm so glad you posted a link to Lindsey's blog. I'm a new fan!