Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Life Lately: a List

1. Tyler and I have been working on decorating the apartment, buying furniture, making furniture, and working on increasing the overall coziness of the place. Among other things we now have a couch and a Christmas tree!
2. We've made about 7 trips to Ikea.
3. I've spent approximately 432 hours following Tyler around Home Depot complaining about how much my feet hurt or how hungry I am sometimes while simultaneously skipping, spinning in circles and/or singing to Gloria Estefan.  Anyone else notice that HD plays notsomanly 80s music?  It's very similar to what happens when I make Tyler accompany me into Forever21.
4.  UCLA friends Zach and Elizabeth came over for Thanksgiving brunch and we ate breakfast foods, watched Disney movies, and drank mimosas in the middle of the afternoon.  Kinda perfect right?
5. We had a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner with our California family and it was such a treat to see Aly & Leo from Berkeley.  Leo is one-and-a-half and he is running!
6. I am beside myself with excitement that our dear friends from Chicago, Pei and Greg, are going to be spending New Years with us.  One more month until they're here!!!
7. Our landlady rang our doorbell and Tyler opened the door.  She said Merry Christmas and handed him a bag of fried chicken (true story).
8. Speaking of surprises, my amazingly sneaky parents surprised me with a new sewing machine!  I had been using my mom's circa 1980 Kenmore which looked alot like this.  It was solid metal, super heavy, and worked great.  I even sewed parts of this on that trusty machine.  It was also pretty big so it didn't make the trip to California with us.    

Can't wait to take this baby for a test drive.  This girl's got curtains to sew!

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