Monday, January 28, 2013

Awesome Weekend

Every once in awhile some really cool stuff happens that warrants a blog recap, you know?  Tyler and I just had one of those weekends, full of incredible art, spectacular views, celebrity sightings, and 90s childhood freakouts.  But back to the beginning:  Our friend Steve surprised Tyler and me with tickets to see Nick Offerman's comedy show (best Christmas present ever.  Thanks Steve!)  We are both big Parks & Recreation fans and even bigger Ron Swanson fans... I could, literally, watch this all day.  So Saturday evening we booked it to Beverly Hills to watch Tyler's man crush tell jokes.

We arrived pretty early and had just found our seats when Chris Pratt, who plays Andy Dwyer on Parks & Rec, sat down a few seats away from us.  Tyler & I entertained ourselves until the show started by quoting Bert Macklin FBI and I tried to talk Tyler into giving him a hug then just walking away.  But he wouldn't do it.  Nancy & Beth were the trashy/classy musical act, Megan Mullally was hilarious, then the man himself talked about red meat, canoes, Lord of the Rings, what it means to be a good American, the importance of saying please & thank you, and how the people of LA should cut their own lawns & learn how to change a light bulb.  It was perfect!  He also rapped at one point and we thought we'd died and gone to heaven.  Nick Offerman rapping is one of the funniest things that will ever happen.  For the finale (picture this Parks & Rec fans) Ron Swanson, Tammy 2, and their backup band bust into Lil' Sebastian's memorial song, 5,000 candles in the wind.  Then Andy Dwyer of Mouse Rat fame jumped onstage and sang the lead.  It was AWESOME.

But it gets better!  As we were leaving and shuffling through all of the people in the lobby I did a double take, grabbed Tyler's arm and pulled him aside while I incoherently pointed out someone standing a few feet away from us.  Tyler was confused, I was freeeaking out, and all I could say was "It''s...Tyler...that's...omg...right there...Jaleel White.......It's Steve Urkel!!!!!!!!!!  We giggled kind of hysterically about how he was dressed cool & casual like Stefan Urquelle and Tyler giggled "I heard he was dead!"... I guess that rumor circulated for awhile and is rather eloquently addressed here.  We can confirm that Urkel is alive and well in Los Angeles.  My 90s childhood was built on a strong foundation of Family Matters and Full House, so needless to say running into Steve Urkel was a pretty significant deal.  The car ride home was alot of "Did I do that?" and "Whoa Mama!" and "Heidi-ho Winslows." and "Got any cheese?"

So what do you do with yourself when it's midnight in LA and you've just run into a plainclothed Urkel after seeing topless Ron Swanson in an American Flag hat?  You go to In-n-Out burger and order two double-doubles.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

This honestly doesn't even sound like real life. There are a hundred different reasons I'm jealous right now-- number 100 being a real life Stefan Urquelle sighting!

robayre said...

So many things in this post made me laugh. I love P&R too, so I had to forward it to my guy and share the laughs.

Emily Rickard said...

I still can't believe it! Wish I had gotten a picture with Urkel!