Sunday, August 24, 2008

Before I Die...

"One part cultural study, another part an encouragement to reflect on priorities and take action on desires, the Before I die I want to... project will create a new dialogue in the realm of sociological art. The project aims to urge people towards thinking about and fulfilling their life goals by asking them to make a promise to themselves and to the photographer

These polaroids were the ones that I could relate to the most.
For more check out
Before I die I want others to benefit from my life.


Erica Podwoiski said...

My favorite is definitely the disoriented "I want to be nice" dude. Haha.. If you haven't heard of them already, I think you'd really enjoy the "Found" books by Davy Rothbart. I have "Found 2", and it's basically a collection of discarded notes, objects, and snapshots. Some are really ridiculous, like this letter from a girl named Rebecca to 'Frank'... "I'll know longer call u by dad. I'l like 2 change my last name back and I hope my mother gets a divorce 2 u and I've never like u."
Kinda tragic, but hilarious at the same time. Let me know if you're interested, you can borrow the book!

Emily Rickard said...

I'd love to borrow it! I've been really fascinated lately by community art projects like "Before I Die" and Postsecret. Where everyday people you pass on the street can have really poetic things to say if one bothers to ask. Something like this would make a neat thesis show. Have you seen the movie Amelie? I love how the guy collects discarded photobooth pictures of strangers.