Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Yesterday was sunny and 80 and beautiful and perfect in every way and it smelled like spring. I went for a walk with my camera and sketchbook, exploring every side street that I happened upon that I'd never been on before. I sat and watched a man in the park play the bongo drums for awhile. He didn't seem to mind me, but I didn't want to take his picture. There were ivy covered houses with little gardens (I can't wait to have a garden!) and cats in windows and dogwood trees bloomin'. Every time I found a lovely old decrepit building that would make a great painting, I thought, "This is what it must feel like to discover a country. Or a new species of fish." Very exciting. Next time I go exploring I'll venture out further and I'll wear walking shoes, not $2.50 Old Navy flip-flops.

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