Friday, May 01, 2009

May Day.

True to the saying (April showers bring May flowers) it's been raining alot. And now it's May so I'd like the rain to stop please.

I've been really really stressed out lately with work and school, I have so many papers left to write and projects to finish that I'm not sure where to start. Curling up and weeping seems like the best option. Ten more days of class. Ten Ten Ten days to get through. ugggggggggggghhhh.

But today is my Dad's birthday. So I called him this morning, which was really delightful! He's not the kind of person to make a big deal about birthdays, but he said that "old dads sure love birthday phone calls". When I asked if there were any festivities planned, he said he was getting a haircut.

Maggie, Dad, & me May 1, 1994

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