Sunday, October 25, 2009


I've been keeping busy working on thesis artwork in my studio on campus AND I no longer have internet in my apartment. I feel kind of stranded without it, but on the flip side now I'm not tempted to check my email and facebook every ten minutes. So here's what's been going on in real life.

I recently celebrated my 21st birthday. It was on a Thursday, I didn't have class on Friday, and my boss gave me the day off on Saturday...resulting in a weekend long party. This picture sums up the birthday weekend: colorful, pretty blurry, hard to remember.

Tyler and I went to the Ohio State vs. Wisconsin game at the Horseshoe which involved real stadium mustard and lots of happy Buckeye fans. This week we have tickets to see Ben Folds play with the Columbus symphony orchestra. I'm not sure what to wear. The symphony is fancy schmancy, a Ben Folds concert is not fancy, so I guess I'll meet somewhere in the middle?

Funny story- My mom called me a few days ago and said "Hey Emily, I just have a quick question for you... what's indie rock?"

I saw Where the Wild Things Are and it made me weep at the end when Max is eating chocolate cake. What a wonderful mom! My favorite part is when he is in his bed and the little toothpick ship is sailing across Max's blue sheets. Doesn't it just give you chills to see a movie that is that beautiful? Like a painting. I also lovvved the movie Away We Go. On a related note I did a little happy dance around my apartment when Pam & Jim got married on The Office.

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