Saturday, June 26, 2010

21 Things to do Before I'm 22.

1. Make a pinata and or a paper mache animal sculpture
2. Bake an apple pie for Ty
3. Blow bubbles
4. See the Titanic exhibit at COSI
5. Tag Columbus with crocheted things guerrilla style
6. Walk to somewhere I've never walked before
7. Collaborate with my guy on a stop motion animation
8. Take a picture a day for a month
9. Read The Sound and the Fury by Faulkner
10. Gather A TON of found objects and start the second big art quilt of my career
11. Become photoshop proficient
12. Bake a multi-colored cake.
13. Turn my old jeans into cutoff shorts
14. Come up with a birthday gift for Ty able to top last year's superhero cape
15. Never pass up a gumball machine
16. Make some sidewalk chalk graffiti art in the city
17. Go to California
18. Crochet a spectacular beer bottle cozy for Ty's dad
19. Re purpose old t-shirts that I don't wear anymore
20. Learn how to do some real fancy calligraphy
21. Make a fort where we can spend all day watching movies

Three whole months to conquer the birthday list!

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