Monday, January 10, 2011


Last night we flew from Columbus to Los Angeles.  It seems like I wait just long enough in between trips to forget how much I love flying until I'm on a plane again.  Clarification: I don't particularly love being on a plane, having to get up to let other people crawl over me to go to the bathroom, or holding it because airplane bathrooms freak me out.  I like being in the air, seeing the patterns that the lights of the street lamps and cars make, and flying over downtown Columbus knowing that my apartment is somewhere down there with all of my stuff in it.  I also like thinking about the people that I'm flying over, a whole country's worth!  It's as if I'm meeting them all, quickly and efficiently.  Imagine, "Hello!  How've you been? Yes of course I remember, I flew over your house that one time, back in '11.  You do have a lovely roof."  If you think about it, flying cross-country in five hours is an amazing thing.  I feel grateful that I have it so easy; and it makes me think hats off to you, Lewis and Clark, you kicked it old-school in canoes nonetheless.  Every time.  Tyler is the best because he always lets me have the window seat.  Flying over LA at night was amazing, lights as far as you can see.  It makes me want to do some sort of art quilt where the background is dark and the surface just shimmers with light!      

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