Saturday, January 15, 2011


Today we explored Silverlake and Burbank.  To get there we drove past downtown LA.  It's amazing how much traffic there is.  At all times of the day!  Silverlake is sorta a hippie arts community.  We ate lunch at a restaurant called Good (it was pretty good) and I was super tickled that we got to go to the Reform School store.    

Then we ventured over to Burbank where we caught a movie (The Fighter! Go see it! Awesome!) and met a CCAD buddy Steve Umbleby for dinner at the Granville Cafe.  He lives and works in Burbank, so he gave us a tour of the city after dinner.  We drove past Disney Animation studios, Cartoon Network, Warner Bros. complete with water tower from Animaniacs, Universal Studios, and most importantly, he took us past the liquor store featured in this scene from Superbad where Mclovin gets hit. 

Super cool town, really neat restaurants and stores, free parking garages!  We love you Burbank.   

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