Sunday, January 30, 2011

Tyler & Tyler go to Florida

I've been meaning to write about Tyler's freelance gig in Florida for some time now.  Over the summer my Tyler and Tyler Lancaster spent a month in Florida animating for the Disney on Ice production of Toy Story 3.  They animated the rocket from pizza planet and other TS3 things that are projected onto the ice during the show. 

It was crazy.  He got the call one afternoon and they basically said to him Can you be in Florida tomorrow?  So we quick packed up his suitcase with lots of t-shirts, shorts, even a pair of swim trunks since hey, it's FL in August.  Only to find out later that they would be animating day & night at the rink right next to the ice.  Where it's freezing!  For me it was a reallly long month with Tyler gone, but a great animation opportunity for him.  And CCAD just did a super nice post about their freelance it here!     

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