Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Walk of Fame

More pictures from our day in Hollywood.  The walk of fame spans all the way up one side of Hollywood Boulevard and down the other.  There are so many stars, I had no idea!  It was really fun wandering around staring down at the sidewalk and occasionally coming across the star of one of our favorite celebrities.  

Tyler is a huge Chuck Jones fan, he did Bugs Bunny, the Grinch, and so much more. Little did we know that we'd get to see some vintage CJ drawings hanging up at Pixar a few days later.  Major Tyler geekout!

I love how much color there is in Hollywood and the character of the vintage signs.  And I didn't even feel embarrassed about how openly touristy I must have seemed with my camera round my neck snapping pictures like crazy person.  The downside of Hollywood: on every block you pass at least four people trying to sell you a sightseeing tour of celebrity homes, and lemme tell you, it got old fast.  I started ignoring them all together while Ty was polite enough to say nothanks.

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