Monday, February 14, 2011

My Valentine

Tyler is my bestfriend.
He puts up with me when I'm cranky because I'm hungry and when I get stressed out in crowded places or the grocery store. 

Thank you for being the guy who finishes my sentences and says what I'm thinking before I say it so that I can say instead I was just about to say that!

You build forts with me and tell me honestly and with kindness that I make the worst coffee and patiently reteach me again how to use the coffee maker.  Whenever we buy a pineapple you slice it with surgical precision and let me steal the first piece and eat the last piece and a whole lot in between.

Sometimes I run away from you in parking lots when you're not paying attention just so that you have to chase me and say Emmy get back here!  I love looking back at you to see you laughing right before you catch me and bearhug me.  And I don't even slow up or go easy on you, I'm superfast.
We're gettin married, probably sometime in 2012, and it will be all kinds of wonderful.  I can't wait to marry my best friend!  I love you Tyler!  I'm one lucky gal. 

(And now, we are going to go spend Valentine's Day at the dollar theater watching Harry Potter 7 part 1. again.  Happy heart day to you all!  xoxo)

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