Friday, February 11, 2011

Pecha Kucha Columbus

Last night Tyler & I went to Pecha Kucha Columbus at the Columbus museum of Art.  We live right across the street from the museum which makes it all the more pitiful that I hadn't been there in at least a year.  Pecha Kucha is Japanese slang for chit chat and these events are held all over the world in an effort to promote up and coming creative folks.  An artist shows twenty slides and gets to talk about each image for 20 seconds.  It was packed with a reported 1200 people in attendance.  A little hard to see (or sit or stand) but totally worth it and very entertaining.

Some of my favorite speakers were Caleb & Levi Ely of Ely Bros. Photography, Amy Turn Sharp of Little Alouette, and Christoph Ono (pictured above) who developed the popular cornify button which when pressed covers your computer screen in unicorns and rainbows and happiness.

Afterwards we looked around the museum for a minute before the security guards threatened to kick us out, and low and behold there are TWO Robert Rauschenberg screenprinted boxes on display at CMA!  At first you think Oh cool, some cardboard up on a wall.  But all the writing, corrugation lines, scratches, dirt marks etc. are all printed by hand! Super exciting, had to be documented with the obligatory stand in front of the art pic. 

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