Tuesday, March 01, 2011

Happy March

Today kicks off March, and it's a beautiful sunny day in Columbus.  Days like this give me spring fever something terrible.  Sunny yet still chilly Ohio gives me false hope of being able to wear sandals.  And apparently it's national pancake day!  So this morning we celebrated all the above by cookin up some blackberry pancakes.  The little silver dollar kind because I'm not good at flipping the big ones. 

Today is also a get stuff done day: send emails, make art, spring cleaning, return library books, and there is so so so SO much laundry to be done.  Endless mountains of laundry.  When the day comes that I have a washer&dryer to call my own I will be the happiest girl on earth.  Annnd the mourning doves from this post have returned to our windowsill and are cooing up a storm.  I can't confirm that they are the same doves, but I like to think so.

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