Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Quarter Life Crisis

Dear everyone online,
I've been in a slump this past week where everything sucks.  It's possible (likely) that I'm being over dramatic but it's one of those funks where nothing seems to go right.  One crappy thing happens after another.  I'm not sure where I'm supposed to be living, what I should be doing with my life, when is the right time to move, why am I wasting my art makin' skills on working in an office?  And why do college and food cost so much?  What kind of a jerk creates a computer virus that sucks up your whole Sunday?  One of my friends told me that when she turned 25 she had what she calls a quarter life crisis.  And I feel like this is a mini tremor of that phase.  Ugggggggggh.  On the flip side Tyler is so patient with me.  He calms me down (when I'm crying and hyperventilating at one a.m.) and he went out and bought me flowers and half a chocolate cake the other day to cheer me up.  Whata guy!

Don't worry, I have no intentions of turning this blog into one big sob story.  The title doesn't say anything about art, whining, and depressing rants.  But sometimes a girl's just gotta vent and let it all out online.  I keep telling myself it could be much much worse, I could be starving in a trench in a war ridden country, with no shoes and wet socks.  And until I snap out of this mess I intend to take full advantage of the gallon of cookie dough ice cream in the freezer and this awesome website that I just learned about yesterday.  Chocolate therapy + Harry Potter audio books should do the trick.  It's the bad stuff that makes the good stuff even better (thanks for listening!) 


Lindsey said...

Been there! I turn 24 this summer. I feel like post college is such a weird time. Sometimes it's awesome bcause you feel like you can do anything and sometimes it's not so awesome because finding your direction is not easy and full of pressure. Enjoy the good times and know the bad times will pass.


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Shiiiit girl. I'm going through the exact same thing (only, sans wonderful boyfriend bringing me chocolate.... I'm gonna need to get me one of those...)!

Post college has been bizarre, to say the least. It's the first time in my life where things just aren't feeling "right", you know?

Things are going to get better though. And gosh you're right, it could be so much worse. I've been trying to do something nice for myself every day. Yesterday it was making chocolate covered strawberries. The day before, I painted my fingernails and took a walk in the park. So far, so good!

Sending tons of happy thoughts your way. Keep your chin up!

Emily Rickard said...

Lindsey, Thank you! That helps. Alot. I know so many other (creative) people experience this weirdness too, but it seems like I always focus on those who make a seamless transition from school to reallife. Oh well. You are inspiring! I can't wait to have a house of my own someday & take on the projects that you & Jared are tackling!

Rachel, you are so reassuring! Thank you for helping me feel normal :) I know EXACTLY what you mean when things don't feel "right". It's amazing how nailpolish makes you feel better, it's magical. I almost wrote about that in the post (I'm rockin silver glitter) ANDDD we have the Decemberists in 17 days to look forward to!!!

Sarah :) said...

Sending my good vibes up north toward you, Emily!
I just don't think there is anything to prepare us for the uncertainties and anxieties of the life of a post-grad. And a post-grad artist, to boot!
But you are lovely and you have such a wonderful boyfriend and family and I can't wait for this funk to pass and see what's in store for your future!