Friday, October 21, 2011

The Mile High City

On Sunday we drove through the rest of Kansas and headed west into Colorado.  Over the course of the road trip we played the classic road trip staple, the license plate game, and we were particularly excited to start seeing Colorado plates and stop seeing Kansas plates for a change.  After six long days of driving we recorded 37 out of 50 states.  I know what you're thinking.  No, we never did see Alaska or Hawaii.  Believe me I was on the lookout.  

The further we drove into Colorado the prettier the clouds got, and the sky was quite blue. 

Then we spotted the Rocky Mountains!  That never gets old, the first sight of the mountains.  I'm convinced that I was made to live in the mountains, maybe the Blue Ridge, but the Rockies sure are breathtaking.  It felt silly to take any pictures, no photo can do justice for something so grand.  We enjoyed the view until we reached the busy streets around Denver and had to focus on navigating our way to Aunt Janet & Uncle Matthew's house (blindly trusting the GPS is more like it).  We made it safely to Colorado, the sixth state of the trip, where the Walworth's fed us and let us play with their their dog Porter and cats Admiral & Nelson.  Thank you J&M for a wonderful visit and an awesome home cooked dinner!      

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