Saturday, October 15, 2011

Missouri to Kansas

Day two of our road trip began by driving west through St. Louis on the way to Oakley, KS.  My favorite movie of all time is Meet Me in St. Louis with Judy Garland, it's the one movie that I can watch over & over & over, so naturally being in St. Louis meant that I had to sing the theme song real loud.  Then I played the movie soundtrack on the ipod.  Tyler is so patient.
Tyler: "It's true. She sang the whole thing, only partially in key, but with twice the heart of those in the film. Too cute"

 We crossed over the Missouri River.

Then we stopped at Ozarkland, where they sell some of the finest kitsch in the state of Missouri.  We were lured in by their promise of t-shirts, moccasins, fireworks, and fresh fudge.  We left with one of those things (hint: it was either fireworks or fudge).  This is Tyler doing his best hillbilly tourist impression.  When we were driving through Kansas City, Missouri I had to play (and sing) the Beatles version of Kansas City - Hey! Hey! Hey! Hey!.  I do some of my best singing in the car.         

We ran into some awful weather in Kansas.  I was supposed to do the easy driving on the flat stretches of highway and ended up driving through the worst of the rain before we switched and Tyler took over.  He is a really good driver.  So while Tyler drove, which was most of the trip, I worked on my inspiration book.

Everyone we know who has driven through Kansas has told us that it is flat and boring, which is mostly true.  Kansas also has gorgeous rolling hills and prairie landscapes of subtle yellows and blues.  I took lots of photos thinking that Kansas will be perfect inspiration for some future landscape watercolor paintings.

 The highway view from our hotel room in Oakley, KS

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