Tuesday, March 20, 2012

The Cream

Tyler was my date to The Cream event at the Book Bindery in Culver City which showcased some of the most gorgeous and creative wedding vendors in the LA area.  I was super lucky to win tickets from TresSugar and The Cream was only about fifteen minutes from where we live!  Very serendipitous.  The whole evening was like a big sparkly pink blur...

There were sequins and glitter everywhere - these were totally my people!  There was a Bhldn fashion show, drinks by Pharmacie LA (we had grapefruit champagne and an amazing drink that involved tequila & honey), I bought a gold sequined heart from the ban.do gals (their booth was so cute!), there was a dance-off, banjos, beautiful Geronimo balloons, flip books, and so much more.  I was a little overwhelmed.  Tyler, on the other hand, stayed pretty focused on the sno-cones from Sno-Con Amor.  I think he had three! 

We went home with some pretty giveaways from the vendors, and most importantly, so many fun, colorful decorating ideas for our wedding.  Plus a few funny Smilebooth pics.  Thank you Bash, Please for throwing such an awesome party!


Rachel Dangerfield said...

Yes to everything about this post! That looks like SUCH a fun event.

Rather Severe said...

I'm going to tackle both of you because of this