Thursday, March 21, 2013

Rue Magazine: Spring Color Issue

Happy spring everyone!  I hope it's beginning to feel like spring wherever you are and that shorts and sandals and the end of winter weather are in sight.  I realize that I'm writing this while looking at palm trees from my living room, but once a Midwesterner always a Midwesterner.  You never forget what March in Ohio feels like!  

This morning I had a chance to sit down with a cup of coffee and the lovely, decidedly spring-y new issue of Rue Magazine.  I'm a big Rue fan and I was extra excited to learn that this is their first annual Color Issue.  Sounds perfect right?  Bring on the bright colors!  I was so stunned to see my Candy Coated iPhone case design featured as an Editor's pick... like fall off my chair surprised.  Like call my mom surprised.  So thank you x a million to Maia and Kelli and all the fantastic ladies behind Rue for including my work in such a beautiful magazine!  It completely made my day.     

Click on the image to see the full article.  Candy Coated iPhone case is available for purchase here!


Lindsey said...

What an honor! Congrats!

Emily Rickard said...

Thanks Lindsey!!!

Jake Murray said...

That's awesome Emily! Nice goin'!

Emily Rickard said...

Thanks a bunch Jake!