Sunday, August 04, 2013

The Fig House

I'm so happy to share that my work will be at the Fig House this fall in LA!  It's a brand new art-deco-meets-the-1980s inspired event space designed by the fabulous Emily Henderson and curated by Danielle Krysa (aka the Jealous Curator) needless to say the final product will be so much fun and totally stunning... what a dream team!!!

And I can't believe the rockstar list of artists showing work in the initial round of Fig House decor (pinch me please!) Just being included with some of my favorite artists is pretty surreal.  So I put together a round-up of my personal favs from the nine other artists (plus one of my own) in celebration of the impending Fig House launch.  So exciting!        

1. Stephanie Vovas
2. Jaime Derringer
3. Max Wanger
4. Claire Elsaesser
5. Kai Samuels Davis
6. Emily Rickard
7. Zoe Pawlak
8. Amy Wilson Faville
9. Nike Schroeder
10. Ellen Heck

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