Monday, August 26, 2013

Wishlist: Pinterest Edition

I basically want one of everything on Pinterest!  Just deliver it all to my apartment in a giant box, with one of those fancy homemade Pinterest bows that I've pinned four different times to four different boards but will probably never find time to make.  I'd also be a happy camper with just these beautiful treasures. Clockwise-ish from top:

Gold Pinata by Confetti System because everyday should be a party! 
Rorschach, 1984 print by Andy Warhol a modern classic for a gallery wall.
J.Crew bracelet I want to wear all of the jewelry from J.Crew's fall 2013 collection at the same time.
Bau Deco Letter Poster E for everything! Which is what I want every time I go on Pinterest.
Mini heart there's no such thing as too many sequins.
Laura Mercier lip colour in Baby Lips wait, this is what Joan wears on Mad Men?  I'll take twelve.
The Large Wine Sippy Cup because sometimes more is better and spilling is the worst.
ksny: Things We Love my birthday is in less than a month.
Dior gel coat for those ocd gals like me who can't stand chipping for less than the cost of one gel manicure.
Agate trivet by Leif Shop to go under my wine sippy cup!


Melanie said...

OK so true story - that Mercier lipstick is fab! However, let me tell you about an equally creamy formula and much less price point.

Get the Covergirl lip perfection jumbo lip gloss. I have...4 (ok 5) and I've given my Mercier's a break. (the colors are really saturated - like your paintings - so don't be fooled by the covers).

Also, get the KSNY book, well worth it and on Amazon.

Melanie at About Pretty

Emily Rickard said...

Yay thanks for the tips Melanie! I checked out the Covergirl gloss and I immediately felt the urge to "collect them all" haha! I'll take one of each :)