Friday, January 14, 2011

Thursday Part 1: LACMA

I had a pretty major art geek out today.  Like dancing in the gallery caliber geek out.  We spent the afternoon at the LA County Museum of Art in the Hancock Park area.  The Museum is so big that we had to pick & choose what to see, so we focused on contemporary and modern art.  I walked into the first gallery and there were about a million Jeff Koons works.  Maybe not a million, but enough to know it was going to be a really good day. We were lucky to be there during the final days of a huge William Eggleston exhibition.  His freezer picture is one of my favorites.

When we walked out of the elevator onto the first floor, I was stunned!  The last thing I expected was to find a Richard Serra steel sculpture, but there were two!  I'd never seen or walked thru one before.  The tall thick walls tilt and curve at slightly different angles, making you feel unsteady and so incredibly small.  I spent a minute spinning around in circles inside one of the steel curves, I don't think anyone saw me.    


I had never seen a Rothko in person. Pure. Color. Ohmygosh.  I got so excited I sort of tossed my camera to Ty and ran over to the painting.  Like we'd been friends forever, me and that Rothko.

Tyler shrunk.

My first Rauschenberg too!!!  The rest of the afternoon I kept saying to Tyler, "Can you believe we got to see a Robert Rauschenberg combine?  I can't believe it!"  Now I can go to art heaven a happy gal.

Also I got to geek out over a beautiful wall of Jasper Johns collages, an exhibit of Steve Wolfe's works on paper, a stunning Joan Mitchell painting, works by Christo, Lee Krasner, Morris Louis, Stuart Davis, Robert Motherwell, Helen Frankenthaler, Barbara Kruger, Oldenberg, Diebenkorn, and one of my all time favorites, Cy Twombly.  

I'm a little embarrassed about how many pictures I took today so I'm going to do another post later with pics from the rest of the places we saw.  Stay tuned!

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