Monday, March 14, 2011

Awesome Busy Weekend

My weekend was just that: busy and awesome Friday through Sunday. 

Friday evening we had our good friends Pei and Greg over for dinner.  It was a blast!  Tyler and I made feta-lemon chicken, potatoes, and grilled pineapple.  We also burned through a ton of beer and Pei and I polished off a bottle of cherry wine all by ourselves (hope my mom isn't reading this!)  Pei is the amazing photographer from this post and she photographed my thesis show for me last year.  Saved me from an art school panic attack is more like it!  Pei doesn't go anywhere without her camera so she took funny awesome pictures of us all night long.  And then blogged them on her photo diary which provides me constant entertainment.  She took a whole series of photos of Tyler yawning, hilarious! (all photos below via Pei's website)   

Other wonderful weekend things were when my parents & sister came to visit and we all met friends at Tip Top for lunch.  It was the first time I'd tried their eggplant fries, yum!  Followed by our second weekly Sunday night craft party with Nikki, Krysti, and Rachel.  No guys equals unabashedly watching chick flicks & episodes of 30 Rock while sewing things, drinking wine, and eating chocolate & strawberries.  Next weekend has a lot to live up to. 


Rachel Dangerfield said...

1. Sunday was so much fun! I hope I get to join you guys next time.

2. You and Tyler are looking smashing.

3. Feta-lemon chicken sounds amazing. It's got to be nearly lunch time, right? I'm starving just thinking about it!

Emily Rickard said...

HAhaha smashing is exactly the right word! Yes I hope we keep up these craft nights! They are fun and make me feel productive. It was so nice to see you!