Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sarah Der Photography

This is my friend Sarah and her husband Bryan.  Obviously they are so cute!  Sarah and I have been friends since we met in 5th grade.  After twelve years, braces, lots of high school art classes together, and college in different states, we both ended up as artists!   

Needless to say I am a super big fan of Sarah's Chapel Hill, NC based photography business.  Her photos are sweet, honest, and beautifully simple in a timeless fashion.  I cannot even tell you how difficult it was for me to choose just a few of Sarah's photos for this post!  It took me forever to narrow it down, each photo is more lovely than the last!  And she just keeps posting more on her website and blog!  What I love most about Sarah's work is that everyone she photographs, be it adorable couples, children, or family pets, looks so comfortable and classic.  You never ever have to worry about your wedding photos going out of style or looking out-dated.  They'll always be beautiful!  Check out more of Sarah's work and it will make you smile.   

Photo of Sarah & Bryan by Natalie Gibbs.  All other images via
Sarah Der Photography.

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