Sunday, May 01, 2011

Happy Birthday Dad!

My dad is the type of extraordinarily kind person who would do anything for anyone.  One time he met an Amish man and gave the guy a ride out to the middle of nowhere so that he could attend a family birthday party.  Old ladies at the grocery store ask him to reach things on the high shelves and he always always always brings me bags of groceries whether I need them or not.  Thanks to my dad I learned how to look for arrowheads after the fields have been plowed and the lyrics to every Steve Miller Band song.  He has spent years patiently waiting on the bench at the mall and never complains about being the only guy in a house full of girls.  He loves my artwork.  And he is a pro at coming up with endless crazy nicknames for me and my sister.  Even our cat Julio shamelessly adores Dad over everyone else and follows him around the house like shadow.  Happy birthday to my wonderful dad!  Hope it's your best year yet!


Unknown said...

Happy Birthday Uncle John! ..this is lovely..the words and the pictures...miss you Em! I'll see you guys soon :)

Emily Rickard said...

Thanks Nick!!! Yep I think we'll be living in the same state in a few months (hopefully October!) see you then :)