Thursday, November 10, 2011

The Golden State

The Drive from Arizona to California felt like the longest haul of the trip.  At that point we had been in the car for six days and we were so ready to get off the road, unpack our suitcases, and never eat fast food again.  It was also, in my opinion, the least interesting drive as far as looking out the window goes.  Nothing much changed landscape wise, it just got hotter.  The Grand Canyon is a tough act to follow.  And we were eager to reach Los Angeles!  There were a few neat things we encountered: some trains, the Google street view car at a gas station, and a giant golf ball thingy next to a smaller golf ball.

The vehicle below, that's what our car felt like.  We packed up our whole lives and paraded our belongings across the country like the Joads or the Beverly Hillbillies.  Except our version was a Ford Fusion with a roofbag.  But that's sure what it felt like.  I totally sympathize with these folks and their wicker furniture.   

We made it!

We managed to arrive in LA precisely at rush hour.  HA the traffic was a wake up call after spending the past few days driving through the desert with no other cars around.  Since our visit in January I had forgotten just how fast LA traffic moves!  Or sometimes how sloooow it moves.  Or doesn't move at all.  We had stopped for ice cream about two hours before but at this point we were so hungry.  SO hungry that there was serious talk of hijacking that taco-burrito truck.  

We arrived at Aunt Chris & Uncle Dom's house that evening and they took us out for fantastic sushi.  They were so kind to let us stay with them while we went apartment hunting! (apartment pictures coming soon)  What a crazy week of traveling.  I'd always wanted to drive across the country and see what there is to see... and we actually did it!


Katy said...

ahhh so happy for you guys!! your blog posts are wonderful and the photos are amazing...did you ever find out what the golf ball thing was? good luck can't wait to catch up with you guys!

Dave Armstrong said...

Im so glad you posted all this stuff.

Emily Rickard said...

Katy! Your blog cracks me up, I read each new post outloud to Tyler and we are both laughing hysterically by the end!!! LOVE picturing little kids dancing! Still not sure what the golf ball is, but we discussed it and the leading theory is that it's a small Epcot in the desert. We should ichat sometime :)

Dave! Tyler misses you alot, it's kinda sad. You should probably come visit him :)