Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Coronas + Route 66

We left the Grand Canyon around dinnertime and made a dinner pit-stop at the Yippee-Ei-O! Steakhouse in Tusayan, AZ.  It was a treat since we had been eating at McDonalds and Wendys quite a bit.  We had some amazing steak, shrimp, potatoes, corn, prickly pear jelly, rattlesnake, biscuits,  just kidding no rattlesnake.  Our hotel was about an hour away in Williams, AZ which made for a beautiful evening drive while the sun was setting.     

I didn't realize when I booked the hotel room that it would be on Route 66 in the most picturesque little town ever.  When you think of Route 66 with the neon signs and the diners and 50s music faintly playing in the background, that's Williams, AZ!  We stayed at the Downtowner Motel, a renovated vintage motel (with the nicest most helpful staff ever, we loved them!)   It was such a pleasant surprise to have ended up in a lovely little retro place like Williams, especially after the scary night before in Utah. 

That evening we walked around town, stopped in all the gift shops which had an had an impressive array of kitschy-touristy-imusthavethis trinkets, we bought a Route 66 coffee mug (which I'm using as I write this!), we turned our sink into a giant ice bucket (classy I know), Tyler fixed the drain stopper on the sink, and we kicked back and watched American Pickers.         

The icing on the cake of our perfect coyotes + Grand Canyon + steak dinner + Route 66 day was when I realized that our room was directly next to espresso, wi-fi, and mini donuts.  No more driving for two hours to find coffee for this girl!


Rachel Dangerfield said...

I've been loving every minute of your road trip recaps! Your photos are amazing (as usual) and your commentary might've (ok, definitely) made me giggle embarrassingly loud.

"We had some amazing steak, shrimp, potatoes, corn, prickly pear jelly, rattlesnake, biscuits, just kidding no rattlesnake."


I hope you're doing awesome in CA! Dave and I lament pretty often about missing you guys and wishing we could hang out with you two.

Emily Rickard said...

Rachel! We miss you and Dave alot and talk about you often, usually when we see something funny or weird. Tyler will say "Dave would really like that" haha! So far so good in CA! We have about five friends out here so the hardest part has been missing everyone in Ohio.

Speaking of which, talk Dave into a visit to Disneyland! I can totally picture him & Tyler in the teacup ride together :)