Wednesday, August 28, 2013

BHLDN + Green Wedding Shoes

I still can't believe this really happened.

Lucky and grateful only begin to describe the feelings that come along with winning your dream dress!  You might remember from this post that Tyler and I have been engaged for a few years but between our cross-country move and unpredictable freelancing we've had to put wedding planning on hold for a bit.  So when I entered a BHLDN wedding gown giveaway on Green Wedding Shoes blog, forgot all about it, then got an email from Jen Campbell a few weeks later with "congrats" "winner" and "BHLDN" in the title,  I was stunned.  I was so excited and completely in disbelief that I burst into tears and couldn't even read the email.  Tyler had to read it to me while I cried (happy tears!) and images of gowns that I had dreamed about but never would have bought for myself on our DIY wedding budget flashed through my head.  I feel so blessed and so inexplicably lucky!

I was afraid that at any moment someone would tell me "oops! we have the wrong Emily, sorry!" but BHLDN recently posted pictures from my fitting at their beautiful new Beverly Hills store, so it's Facebook official!  I was excited and giddy and a bit nervous leading up to the fitting.  This was my first time trying on wedding gowns, and under unusual circumstances, I wasn't sure what to expect.  What should I wear?  Do I need to bring certain shoes?  A: nude colored underthings were the way to go and they provided me with these lovely BHLDN heels for the morning.  With our moms and sisters in Ohio, Tyler volunteered to go with me to help me choose the one.  Now I know it's not very traditional for the groom to see the dress or especially to attend the fitting, but I really enjoyed having my best friend there to share my excitement and give his input.  We talked it over before the fitting and afterwards and neither of us feel that any surprise was ruined... instead I think it made us both more excited for our wedding day.  And you know you've got a keeper when he is willing to watch you try on dresses for two hours!  Tyler is the best.

Jen & Emily at BHLDN Beverly Hills

I tried on a few of my favorite gowns while the BHLDN staff suggested accessories like the stunning beaded capelet below, jewelry, hairpieces... it was so much fun playing dress up!  Everything I tried on was unbelievably gorgeous, comfortable, lightweight, and airy.  And Sommer was amazing and so so kind, she helped me in an out of the gowns and clipped me in so the sample sizes fit in all the right places.  I was beyond lucky to have Jen and her husband Jason there to help me make a decision (and their sweet baby!)  Seriously, who knows more about weddings than those two?!  I've been a Green Wedding Shoes reader for years, and on top of how grateful I am to them for hosting the giveaway, it was such a treat to meet the couple behind one of my favorite blogs!  Tyler was just happy to have another guy there to talk football with in the midst of all the sparkle and lace.

And the store, oh my goodness!  Beauty everywhere you look.  It was such a special experience for me (and the best surprise ever!)  I can't even begin to thank BHLDN, Green Wedding Shoes, and the wonderful staff at BHLDN  Beverly Hills enough for all of your kindness and generosity... it was a dream come true.

I am completely in love with my dress!


Gaby [The Vault Files] said...

That is amazing, you looked beautiful!

Emily Rickard said...

Thank you so much Gaby! You're too kind!!!

nemenpour said...

Finally got a chance to read this!!! I'm so happy for you!!! This seriously sounds like an amazing experience, and Tyler!!!!!...I love that he was there with you :) I'm DYEING to know which one you picked? My dress is from BHLDN too :D

nancy john said...

Looks gorgeous and will be a great resource for what I'm sure will be your fabulous wedding!

wedding planners

Unknown said...

This is such a sweet story. Love it.